Are you interested in behind the scenes? We are looking for the next generation of people to join our team and help bring JetStream Radio into the next decade. With an ever-growing team and list of official partners, now is a perfect time to join us in the community and learn what values our staff team possesses.

You will work hand-in-hand with the Operations Team, no matter what your role is, as well as the managers tasked with running certain areas of the station. Every day allows us to progress further, and with several new things in the works, you could be amongst the first people to see the vast overhauls and provide your unique input and feedback which the management team will consider when creating the next generation of JetStream Radio!

Our current vacancies are: Show Host, Community Assistants, and Recording Artists Marketing and Promotions.

Show Host:

  1. Be the voice of JetStream Radio and pioneer what our external listeners in the community see and hear
  2. Interact with the community daily
  3. Promote your shows, and work with the Social Media team to get that promotion available on Facebook / Twitter!

Community Assistants:

  1. Interact with the community and ensure that users keep to the community guidelines/rules and content is in a suitable place
  2. Remove explicit content or that of which violates the community guidelines
  3. Work with the community manager and social media team to moderate Facebook comments, Discord and resolve tickets promptly in the helpdesk
  4. Ensure that all content is suitable before being published
  5. Working with the operations team and the DJs to promote our partners and live shows
  6. Work with other staff in the community department to promote various events and marketing initiatives
  7. Post articles on the blog and provide regular operational updates to the listeners


Recording Artists / Voiceover Artists

  1. Work with the operations directors to ensure that partners get their content to the listeners
  2. Record station promos and sweepers
  3. Master the audio and layer with sound files and SFX

All applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be aged 17 or over at the time of application
  • Be in good standing within the community and on all TFDi Corp services
  • Willing to volunteer a minimum of 2 hours a week.
  • Willing to work in a multi-national community-driven radio station across several time zones


Perks and Benefits

  • Full, comprehensive and free training
  • Free TFDi Design products**
  • Exclusive staff giveaways
  • Early input, feedback and access to new systems, software and others!
  • Build your teamwork, communication and initiative skills
  • Represent our brand at global events*


Are you interested?

Then why not fill out an application!